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Hamster Cleaning obtains ISO 9001 certificate!

Hamster Cleaning is now ISO 9001 certified. The certificate is regarded as the international standard for quality management.

Belgian technology keeps ventilation systems clean

The Belgian companies Hamster Cleaning (Genk) and SmartLog (Bilzen) have developed a technology that allows to constantly measure and monitor the dirt in air ducts.

Hamster Cleaning answers your corona questions about ventilation

In recent weeks, Hamster Cleaning has received about fifteen questions for 'corona advice' about the use of a ventilation system.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Hamster Cleaning introduces a new method of air duct cleaning.

Cleaning is a repetitive process. So is air duct cleaning.

Cleaning is a repetitive process. So is air duct cleaning.


Safety is a priority when recruiting Hamster Cleaning.

The European Ventilation Hygiene Association

The European Ventilation Hygiene Association

Rotobrush BrushBeast

Hamster Cleaning invests in the innovative Rotobrush concept. This investment fits in with the 95% guarantee given by Hamster Cleaning on the air duct cleaning services that it performs.

Hamster Cleaning speaks about the importance of maintaining ventilation systems

High demands are placed on ventilation systems, but surprisingly, these high standards do not apply to the maintenance of the systems. Managing director Seppe Thys emphasises the importance of inspection and maintenance.

Air duct cleaning in hospitals

Hamster Cleaning often cleans ventilation systems in the medical sector, such as hospitals, but also in private practices.

Do ventilation manufacturers take into account the cleanliness of the inside of air ducts?

Livios, the leading source for contractors and renovators, organised a large debate on ventilation (author Gerry Klompers).

Hamster Cleaning in Genk and Aartselaar is expanding

Growing fleet, growing workforce, growing business, growing smile.

Campus Vesta, a satisfied customer

“Thank you to Engin and Robert at Hamster Cleaning for the professional cleaning of the air ducting in our building! Every firefighter knows that there is nothing better than fresh air.”

Signs that your air ducts need cleaning

Keep your ventilation ducts clean

Vermin in air ducts

A passionate plea to fit the vents of a ventilation system carefully and to always use suitable vents. After all, all sorts of vermin would be glad to find shelter in a ventilation system, with obvious repercussions.

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